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Fly Fishing Retreats

Regain a sense of serenity

Master the sport

Enter a flow state, where deep focus takes control. Clear your mind on the creeks, then continue the process in group therapy.

Therapeutic support

There’s no way to throw a fly rod without being in rhythm. Supported by community and guided by our expert therapists, you’ll work to get in rhythm by tuning your mind, heart, and body.

Healing waters

Immersed in Montana’s rivers and creeks, enjoy genuine ranch hospitality and world-class guided fishing. 

Western skies

Flowing rivers and spring creeks bustling with trout invite you to disconnect from daily stress. Come connect and gain perspective in the beautiful and serene prairie ranges of eastern Montana. 

“I feel blessed beyond measure to have been able to attend. This is the best gift you can give yourself.”

– B, Workshop Alum

Upcoming Retreats

Book now to reel in a transformative experience.

Each day will include:

  • Meditation and a mindful nature walk
  • Psychoeducational lectures
  • 6 hrs of experiential group therapy within a small cohort

Adventure includes:

  • Premium lodging at a boutique guest house
  • An all-inclusive experience, including three meals a day
  • Daily, guided fly fishing, available to all levels
  • Fishing gear and license 

Cost: $7,000

There are no upcoming dates.

Frequently asked questions

Common questions about our adventures.

What type of fishing do you accommodate, and what kind of river do you fish? 

Clients will fish the Bighorn River, which is a tailwater river that runs through the prairie of eastern Montana. It houses wild brown and rainbow trout. Some sections of the river resemble a giant spring creek, while others resemble a typical freestone river with faster water. We will be wade fishing and fishing in drift boats. 

Do I have to have previous fly fishing experience?

No previous fishing experience is required to attend. Our incredible guides and therapists will expertly assist you in getting acquainted and curating the best experience possible, no matter your experience level!

Do I need to buy and bring my own gear?   

All of the fishing gear is waiting for you here, so there is no need to bring anything.  

What are the accommodations?  

Clients will be staying at the Refuge Lodge, which overlooks the Bighorn River near Fort Smith, Montana. You will have roommate(s) and be sharing a bathroom with other clients.  The Refuge chefs curate a special menu for each trip. The cuisine varies from trip to trip, but you will not be disappointed. Breakfast and dinner are buffet style. Lunch consists of sandwiches or something easy to enjoy on the river.  

How can fly fishing help me connect with myself and my story?

The fly fishing program is built around valuable metaphors essential to the experience. With the help of seasoned outdoorsmen, therapists, and guides, we will look at your story through a new lens, helping you identify what has you “hooked,” what in your life needs “released,” and how to navigate the river of your life.