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Relationships | 148

148 "Does Couples Therapy Actually Work?" with Matt Wade

Mickenzie and Lindsey sit down with Onsite Clinician and Emotionally Focused Couple's Therapist, Matt Wade. Taking a deep dive into how our attachment can impact our partnership and how to overcome the patterns of conflict and hurt that keep you stuck in your partnership! 

Relationships | 147

147 "How do we raise emotionally healthy kids?" with Sissy Goff and David Thomas

As adults invested in the lives of the kids in our world, we all want to give them the things we didn't have. In this series about relationships, we wanted to know the keys to raising emotionally healthy kids, so we brought in the experts!

Relationships | 146

146 "What can we learn from one woman's history of toxic relationships?" with Stephanie Quayle

What happens when the person you’re spending your life with turns out not to be who you thought they were? Stephanie Quayle knows because she lived it. She joins the show to share her story of a toxic relationship that left her questioning everything she knew about the world, her partner, and herself.

Bentley Caldwell - trauma and relationships episode
Relationships | 145

145 "Who are we outside of our relationships?" with Bentley Caldwell

When Bentley noticed that his past was greatly impacting his present, he attended Onsite's Healing Trauma Program. Throughout this conversation, he shares his story of transformation and a powerful story of meeting his birth father and renegotiating and reclaiming his title as a son.

Relationships | 144

144 "How can we build bridges in our relationships?" with Latasha Morrison

Latasha joined Lindsey and Mickenzie for an honest conversation about the power of building bridges in our relationships, doing our own work, and confronting systems that oppress and marginalize BIPOC communities.

Relationships | 143

143 "How do I become the hero of my story?" with Ally Fallon

Ally Fallon, an award-winning author and Onsite alum shares the process she developed to help people transform their relationship with themselves by rewriting their lives and becoming the heroes of their own stories.

Relationships | 142

142 "How does my childhood impact my relationships today?" with Ryan Snodgrass

Onsite Clinical Supervisor, Ryan explore the misconceptions we hold around burnout and how to shift our relationship to the roles we play.

Relationships |

“Living Centered in Our Relationships” - Season Preview

Join our co-hosts for a sneak peek into the newest season of the Living Centered Podcast


BONUS: Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy with Carlos Martinez, M.Div., MSMHC, LPC, ACS, CET-II

Join us for a special conversation with Miles Adcox, Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, and Margie Zugich. Together they share the rich history and legacy of our organization while reflecting on their individual and collective experiences leading Onsite.

Trauma | Podcast

BONUS: Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy with Carlos Martinez, M.Div., MSMHC, LPC, ACS, CET-II

Today, Onsite Lead clinician Carlos Martinez joins Mickenzie for an authentic and informative conversation about the ways unresolved painful past events can lead to unhealthy sexual addictions and coping patterns.

Miles Adcox
Emotional Health | 141

141 "What does it mean to live centered?" with Miles Adcox

Onsite Chairman and Proprietor, Miles Adcox shares his passion behind helping people optimize and build meaning back into the human experience.

Self-Care | 140

140 - “How do I navigate a transition I didn’t ask for?” with Brandi Wilson  

Author and Certified Personal and Executive Coach Brandi Wilson shares her personal and expert advice about navigating transition, starting again, and how to come out better than okay on the other side of a change you didn’t ask for or ever dream of.

Self-Care | 139

139 "Why am I so tired?" with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Perhaps it's not that you're not getting rest, but more that you're not getting the right kind of rest. Dr. Saundra introduces seven types of rest and how addressing our individual rest deficits can lead to unlocking our greatest potential, better mental health, overcoming burnout, and more. 

Self-Care | 138

138 "Can I feel joy when life is hard? " with Elyse Snipes

Therapist Elyse Snipes about the rebellious act of chasing and reclaiming our joy.

Relationships | BONUS

How to Make Meaningful Connections this Season

Mickenzie and Hannah share tips to have meaningful conversations around the table this holiday season.

Relationships | 137

137 "How do I have better friendships?" with Erin Falconer

Psychotherapist and author, Erin Falconer shares the secret to creating meaning and connection in our modern friendships.