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135 “Why do I feel so burnt out?”

with Ryan Bloch-Snodgrass

42% of workers report burnout. Most of us don’t have to look beyond our homes and workplaces to find real-life examples of this statistic. But why are we so burnt out?  

Today, Mickenzie and Hannah sit down with Onsite Clinical Supervisor Ryan Bloch-Snodgrass to explore why we can’t seem to overcome burnout, the impact on ourselves and the people who matter most, and how we can shift our relationship to the roles we play to find more balance, rest, and peace. 

Meet this episode’s expert

Ryan Bloch-Snodgrass, LMFT, LPCC, joined the clinical team as Clinical Supervisor on Onsite’s California campus. Ryan has extensive experience in the field of mental health. Most recently, she served four and a half years at Northbound Treatment as Clinical Director and Trauma Program Manager. Her work also led her to spend time at multiple organizations in Africa, supporting trauma survivors in their recovery and aiding community development. In addition, she has done extensive research and given presentations on the impact of meditation on several biological and psychological factors for individuals with HIV. 

Ryan decided to join the Onsite team after experiencing a Living Centered Program. She believes the program format, modalities, and offerings speak to what most aligns with her and the work she loves to do.

Mentioned in this episode

In this episode:  

3:50 – Redefining burnout 

6:10 – The correlation between burnout and codependency  

9:34 – Shifting the relationships we have to our jobs  

17:33 – Creating the space at Onsite to address burnout  

21:44 – The relationship between passion, purpose, and burnout  

27:43 – Work-life balance and self-care  

31:50 – How to prioritize our needs  

37:48 – Managing burnout through small, intentional practices  

44:16 – The impact of collective burnout  

46:49 – Paying attention to the signs of burnout  

Onsite Experiences mentioned in this episode:

Onsite’s Living Centered Program
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