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Episode 098: “Living Centered and the Mental Implications of Sleep”

Featuring Julie Wright, MFT and Heather Turgeon, MFT

Mickenzie and Lindsey sit down with psychotherapists and sleep specialists Heather Turgeon, MFT, and Julie Wright, MFT. Together they explore the emotional, mental, physical, and social implications of sleep and how we can create sustainable routines and rhythms for ourselves and the kids and teens in our lives to thrive! Heather and Julie are authors of the popular book, The Happy Sleeper and their newest book, Generation Sleepless: Why Tweens and Teens Aren’t Sleeping Enough, and How We Can Help Them.

Meet this episode’s expert

Heather Turgeon, MFT, and Julie Wright, MFT are psychotherapists, sleep specialists, and authors of the popular parenting books, The Happy Sleeper, and their new book, Generation Sleepless: Why tweens and teens aren’t sleeping enough, and how we can help them. Through their online sleep classes and consultations as founders of The Happy Sleeper, Heather and Julie help families with babies, kids, and teens sleep well. Their work has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Washington Post and on several NPR shows. Heather lives in Los Angeles and has a (well-rested) tween and teen. Julie is the creator of one of LA’s best known parenting programs, The Wright Mommy and Me. She lives in New York City and has a young adult son.  

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Julie Wright, MFT and Heather Turgeon, MFT
Generation Sleepless by Julie Wright, MFT and Heather Turgeon, MFT