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Episode 095: “Living Centered When the Holidays Aren’t Happy”

Featuring Laurel Powell and Kara Leigh Pritchard

Let’s be honest, the holidays are upon us, which can feel a bit complicated for many of us. What do we do when it’s NOT a happy holiday? Is it possible to both honor ourselves and what we’re feeling and still enjoy this season? Today Mickenzie and Hannah sit down with Onsite Clinical team members Laurel Powell and Kara Leigh Pritchard to help us all enter this season with intentionality, purpose, and authenticity.

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This month we teamed up with our friends at StyleBlueprint to explore this topic a little further!

What To Do When Our Holidays Aren’t Happy

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Resources mentioned in this episode…

The Ways We Grieve

Expand your understanding of grief and the biological process that it presents.  Naming grief is hard, espcially during the holidays. But not naming it doesn’t make it go away, 

Becoming Emotionally Smart

If you’ve ever struggled to name or even understand your emotions, this class will help you thoughtfully manage what you’re feeling and live wholeheartedly into this season.  

These resources can all be found at and when you use the code PODCAST, you’ll get an additional 15% off! 

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