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Episode 093: “Living Centered and Exploring Experiential Therapy”

Featuring Will Mooney, LPC-MHSP

Today on the Living Centered Podcast, Mickenzie and Lindsey sit down with therapist and Onsite Guide, Will Mooney. Together they dive into an essential therapeutic modality to the Onsite experience. Will shares his passion for experiential therapy and leads Mickenzie and Lindsey through an exercise to model this powerful form of therapy. 

Meet this episode’s expert

Will is a son, husband, and father of twin girls in Nashville, TN. His passion is to help others live more fully in how they are made so that they can give more fully wherever they are. Since 2005, he has been working with individuals and families in a variety of professional and pastoral capacities. As a therapist, his experience includes working with individuals and couples struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, crisis of faith, relational dysfunction, as well as many other complex mental health issues. He counts it a privilege to sit with clients, hear their stories and join with them towards hope and healing.

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Mentioned in this episode

Onsite Group Experiential Workshops 

We’re wounded in community, and we heal in community.

Onsite is known and respected worldwide for providing life-changing group workshops that are founded on innovative clinical expertise, safe community, and exceptional healing hospitality. 

Guided by the top clinical minds in the field, our workshops extend the length and depth of healing work in ways not always afforded in other settings. Unlike traditional therapies, our experiential therapeutic framework is blended with other innovative modalities and grounded in the group experience.   

Removed from the distractions of everyday life, our world-class dining and hospitality provide you with the environment you need to fully embrace the process and engage wholeheartedly in the healing you deserve.  


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