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Episode 072: “Living Centered Through Practice”

Featuring Katie Gustafson

Our lives are the sum of our habits and practices. Today psychotherapist, writer, and enneagram coach Katie Gustafason joins Lindsey and Mickenzie for a powerful conversation about mental health practices, rethinking self-care, and the power of radical self-compassion. In this vulnerable episode, Katie, a breast-cancer survivor, shares how the mental and emotional health practices that have been a part of her life for decades served her as she walked through a challenging and trying season and how the journey changed her for the better.

Meet this episode’s expert

Katie is a psychotherapist, writer, and Enneagram teacher and coach based in Nashville, TN. In private practice, she specializes in Individual therapy and is passionate about holding safe space for those who long for healing and transformation. She facilitates this process using several modalities, including the Enneagram, in order to unblock past trauma, reconcile broken narratives that no longer fit, and write a compelling new chapter for tomorrow. She is the creator of the Practice, a new monthly subscription program that combines practical ways to use the Enneagram and Mindfulness as self-care.  

She is mom to 2-year-old Tucker and wife to Daniel Hill.

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The Practice is a self-development toolkit that combines practical ways to use the Enneagram, mindfulness, and self-compassion in your daily experience in order to truly thrive and create the optimal life and relationships you desire.


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Katie Gustafason
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