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Episode 051: “Living Centered While Deconstructing our Narratives”

Featuring Brent Campbell, LPC-MHSP

There comes the point in every life when we are invited to examine, question, and often deconstruct the narratives and worldview we grew up with. Whether conscious or unconscious, we all carry around a set of beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around us—many of which we picked up from even our earliest childhood memories. For many of us, the process of looking at and making room for ideas, beliefs, and ideologies to change, can feel overwhelming or scary. However, today’s guest, therapist, and Onsite Guide, Brent Campbell, believes that deconstruction is a healthy and necessary part of our journey that has the power to propel us to self-reflection, evolution, and growth.

Throughout this interview with Mickenzie and Lindsey, Brent shares his personal story and ways we can move through the process of deconstruction in a way that enables us to rediscover our truest selves on the other side.

Meet this episode’s expert

Brent Campbell, LPC-MHSP provides both counseling and coaching services to individuals and couples using the latest trauma-informed therapeutic interventions blended with proven life coaching techniques. His focus is to help people heal, energize and become more aware of their inner strengths in order to live the life they want.

Brent’s background is in the music business which has given him a unique perspective on many mental health concerns common to those living in the Nashville area. He has learned the value of harnessing your intuition and creativity in therapy. His approach is designed to reconnect people with their true self in order to restore clarity, meaning, and purpose to your life. 

For the past decade, he has devoted his energy to helping dreamers like himself realize their full potential through counseling. Whether it is the up-and-coming songwriter pounding the pavement on lower Broadway or the star-making executive on 16th Avenue South, Nashville is a homing beacon for dreamers with something to prove to themselves and the world. Often, with great ambition comes a propensity towards grief, anxiety, depression, addiction, and countless other forms of mental health concerns. That’s where Brent comes in.

Brent specializes in experiential therapy and has the privilege of working with the Nashville Center for Trauma and Psychotherapy, Onsite Workshops, and Porter’s Call. In his free time, Brent enjoys taking road trips with my wife and their growing baby, hiking, playing music, drinking coffee, and engaging in the wonder and whimsy of it all with my fellow dreamers.

Mentioned in this episode

In January 2022, Brent is officially launching Valleyheart Adventure Company, a company that creates transcendent travel experiences to usher people into their hearts waking them up to their deepest selves and fullest lives.

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