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Episode 050: “Living Centered in Service of Others”

Featuring Tuere Butler

“Life’s most urgent question is, What are you doing for others?” –  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today’s guest, Tuere Butler, is continually inspired by this question and has committed her life to the empowerment and service of others—first as the longest-serving member of Congressmen John Lewis’ team and now as the Director of Operations for Plywood People in Atlanta, GA. During today’s interview, Lindsey and Mickenzie sit down with Tuere to talk about her time with the Congressman, her journey of finding balance and self-care while serving others, and the importance of truly seeing people for who they are, instead of the position or titles they hold.

Meet this episode’s expert

Tuere K. Butler grew up in Washington, DC but now calls Atlanta, GA home. She is a proud alumna of Spelman College where she received her BA in English. In 2020, she transitioned from the world of politics after the death of her beloved Boss, Congressman John Lewis. She was his longest-serving employee (22 years) for Congressman John Lewis (also known as the Conscious of the Congress) and lead his Atlanta office in her role as District Director. 

Now, she serves as Director of Operations for Plywood People in Atlanta, GA. Plywood People is a nonprofit serving a community of start-ups doing good. When she is not working, Tuere devotes her time and giftings to her mentees, friends and family. Tuere is a strong believer in empowering others, she is continually inspired by the question Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. asked “Life’s most urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”

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