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Episode 049: “Living Centered Into a New Year”

Featuring the Onsite team

How do we end a year like 2021? If you’re experiencing mixed emotions as you head into the new year, you’re not alone. Today we invite you to join our team for a conversation full of honest and (very) real reflections of the last year as we seek to answer the questions: What if the year didn’t look like we expected? How do we continue to look to the future while also staying present? What gifts are we taking into 2022, and what are we leaving in 2021?

We hope this conversation leaves you inspired and filled with hope as you close out this chapter and step into the next.

Meet this episode’s experts

Austin Houghtaling, PhD., LMF

Vice President of Clinical Services

As the Vice President of Clinical Services, Austin is responsible for the oversight and leadership of Onsite’s clinical teams.

Austin has worked in the trauma and addiction field for the last 15 years. Prior to coming to Onsite, he was Senior Clinical Director at Caron Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania for several years.

Austin completed his Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Tech University with an emphasis in addiction treatment and systemic trauma and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Austin has extensive experience working with healthcare professionals, entertainers, executives, and attorneys in intensive experiential therapy and personal growth programs focusing on emotional intelligence and relational improvement for individuals, couples, and families. Austin has been a frequent presenter for audiences nationally.

Candi Shelton

Content Production Manager

Candi joined the Onsite team as Content Production Manager after partnering with Onsite to produce the Rediscovering You course. She fell in love with the people and the mission, so much so that she just decided to stick around! In her role she is responsible for the creative strategy, production, content, and direction for Onsite digital offerings and in-person experiences.

In her vast experience and roles prior to Onsite, Candi worked to distill ideas into compelling experiences in several industries. From years as a professional singer, production director, and lifelong creative writer, she learned the power of connecting people to important ideas in ways they can attach, internalize, and execute. She believes creativity and strategy are meant to be best friends. Creativity can bring fire to a vision, but strategy is what causes the fire to catch.

Candi has brought creativity, vision, and strategy to enhance our digital and in-person experience. She is responsible for spearheading the ideation and production of Onsite’s digital emotional wellness master classes that launched in the spring of 2021. She was also integral in translating our online Rediscovering You course into an in-person, immersive experience — Rediscovering You Live at Onsite at the Oaks.

Clay Hatton

Program Coordinator

Clay Hatton serves the Onsite team as a Program Coordinator. In this role, he handles the internal logistics and flow of weekly programs. Working with the clinical, hospitality, culinary, and maintenance, Clay ensures that Onsite programs go smoothly for our clients. 

Before coming on Onsite, Clay worked in the music industry, utilizing his efficiency and logistical skills. Through his work, he paved the way for numerous affiliated songwriters to receive royalty payments for their songs by systematizing publishing catalogs and performance metrics.

Keith Ayer

System Administrator

Keith is the System Administrator for the Onsite IT team. Before coming to Onsite, Keith served in the United States Airforce as Munitions Specialist, and later as a Curriculum Developer and Instructor for US Army CECOM.

In this role, he developed the CECOM Call Manager Configuration Tool, a software program designed to reduce time and chance for human error when configuring Cisco Call Managers for use in theatre. As an instructor he developed and taught the Cyber Digital Master Gunner Course which brought basic offensive and defensive cyber warfare techniques to a broader audience of Soldiers.

Keith takes pride in the role, updating and maintaining the systems that keep Onsite running and class his work at Onsite serendipitous.

Lindsey Kromer

Clinical Coordinator & Adjunct Therapist

Lindsey Kromer served the clients at Milestones as the Clinical Coordinator & Adjunct Therapist.  

Lindsey obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia. After undergraduate school, she moved to Minnesota to attend the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies and obtained a Master of Arts degree in Addiction Counseling: Advanced Practice in Mental Health.  

Lindsey has years of experience working in residential treatment settings. She approaches treatment from a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) perspective as she is intensely trained in DBT. She helps her clients balance the need for acceptance and change. Furthermore, she is trained in Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Breathwork and Somatic Experiential Therapy.  

Lindsey believes no one is ever too far gone to reach their full potential of emotional freedom.

Lizzy McGlothlin

Business Development Director

Lizzy currently serves as Business Development Director, working to connect professionals and clients alike to the work of Onsite. She is passionate about connecting on an individual level to help the right client find the right next step in their emotional wellness journey.  

Lizzy McGlothlin has worked in the behavioral health field for over 14 years in various administrative and leadership roles. She has been with Onsite since 2009, where she has served in admissions, marketing, programming, and business development.  

In every area she has served, Lizzy has found success and impact. During her time leading the Programming Team, she brought efficiency and added structure to Onsite programs. Her efforts increased the number of programs offered, the quality of the experience, and the number of clients served.  

Lizzy has a unique ability to balance both the strategic and relational thinking required to grow and sustain a high-performing team. She firmly believes that courage and vulnerability are essential leadership skills needed to meet the challenging demands of today’s organizations. 

Lizzy’s recovery journey sparked her passion for helping others and inspired her desire to change and grow as a leader in this particular field. She loves collaborating with others to build Onsite.  

Tara Cooper

Admissions Specialist

As an Admissions Specialist, Tara provides clients with a variety of emotional and mental health resources and connects them to the best Onsite offering while guiding them through their admissions process.

Before coming to Onsite, Tara served for six years in Hotel Management with both Choice and Wyndham Brands. She also worked for NAFEO (National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education) in Washington, DC and was instrumental in organizing diversity career fairs for over 110 Historically Black College and Universities.

Tara came to Onsite ready to help others and utilize her experience in customer service.

Sue Anne Street

Culinary Service Manager

After starting as a part-time server, SueAnn stood out and was promoted into a management position leading the team as the Culinary Service Manager. 

Before coming to Onsite, SueAnn managed a small, locally owned restaurant in Ashland City. In this role, she kept track of budget, inventory, and schedules, created menu specials, and worked with local musicians to play at the restaurant.

Mentioned in this episode

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We’re kicking off January 17th all together, and I’ll be joining you as a coach and companion. Join me and a community of like-minded individuals for a journey of self re-discovery.  

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