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Episode 045: “Living Centered and Giving a Damn”

Featuring Nick Laparra

Making a difference doesn’t have to come at the expense of our mental health. When confronted with injustice, inequality, pain, and crisis, we have three options: become apathetic, overwhelmed, or inspired to do something about it!

Social impact consultant and the founder of Let’s Give A Damn, Nick Laparra, is on a mission to help people pick the latter. Recently, Nick sat down with Lindsey and Mickenzie to discuss why he thinks more people need to give a damn and how we can actually make a sustainable impact on the things that matter most without sacrificing our mental, emotional or physical health.

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Meet this episode’s expert

Nick Laparra is a social impact consultant and the founder of Let’s Give A Damn – a multifaceted organization that helps people live more meaningful lives. On the Let’s Give A Damn podcast, Nick has interviewed Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Matthew McConaughey, Chelsea Clinton, Colman Domingo, June Diane Raphael, and 200 others. The son of a Guatemalan immigrant, Nick was born in Upstate NY but moved to Guatemala with his parents and 11 siblings when he was a young boy. Since his time in Guatemala, Nick has visited over 30 countries engaging in various kinds of social impact work. 

At his core, Nick is a passionate storyteller who doesn’t mince words or suggest band-aid fixes for life or death issues. He loves asking questions, traveling to new places, drinking coffee, and smoking cigars with the damn-givers who are building fewer walls, longer bridges, and bigger tables with their lives and work. He lives in New York City with his life partner, Becky, and three children, Solace, Belle, and Roman.

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Nick Laparra
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