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Episode 040: “Living Centered, Embracing Change, and Pursuing Wellness” 

Featuring Elyse Snipes

A lot of us are asking hard questions and making big changes in this season. Today’s guest helps us explore making tough decisions, embracing change, and how to pursue wellness in the midst of uncertainty. Lindsey and Mickenzie are so excited to introduce you to therapist, podcast host, and founder of the Radical Wellness Collaborative, Elyse Snipes!

Meet this episode’s expert

Here’s how Elyse describes herself: Unconventional Therapist, host of Trailercast Podcast, founder of Radical Wellness Collaborative. I create spaces and experiences for people to live into their radical goodness. Living a life I didn’t know was possible – a regular life, a good life, a full life. Married to my high school crush, raising our three kiddos at the beach.

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Together we’ll explore:

  • Our Framework for Community
  • The Roles We Play
  • What Building Community Requires
  • What We Can Expect from Community
  • How to Honor Ourselves in the Process

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