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Episode 039: “Living Centered, Connected, and Hopeful in a Divided World”

Featuring Carlos Whittaker

In a world that is seemingly more divisive and divided every day, it can feel nearly impossible to stay in a relationship with those we don’t agree with.

This week on the Living Centered Podcast, Lindsey and Mickenzie are joined by author, speaker, and podcast host, Carlos Whittaker for honest conversation about staying connected and hopeful even amidst a divided world. Carlos is known for gracefully and intentionally exploring topics that so many of us often shy away from. Throughout the conversation, the three discuss mental health, race, injustice, and Carlos’s hope for humanity as we all lean into, not away from, uncomfortable conversation about the things that keep us separate.

Meet this episode’s expert

Carlos Whittaker is a self proclaimed “Hope Dealer” who spends the majority of his time telling stories on stages and phone screens across the world that lead people towards action.
He’s a People’s Choice Award winner and the author of three books, Moment Maker, Kill The Spider, & Enter Wild which all lead people towards freedom in some way, shape, or form.
Carlos speaks at some of the largest churches in America as well as some of the largest leadership conferences as well. Carlos is the host of the popular podcast “Human Hope w/ Carlos Whittaker” & lives with his wife and 3 kids in Nashville TN.

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Together we’ll explore:

  • Our Framework for Community
  • The Roles We Play
  • What Building Community Requires
  • What We Can Expect from Community
  • How to Honor Ourselves in the Process

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