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Episode 029: “Living Centered and Doing the Work”

Featuring Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Today on the Living Centered Podcast, we’re bringing you an interview with author, speaker, and pastor Bianca Juarez Olthoff. During this conversation with Lindsey, Bianca shares her personal mental and emotional journey, including how she overcame the cultural and religious stigmas she grew up with around therapy and how getting healthy has impacted every area of her life for the better. Bianca is an Onsite alumni twice over, and her passion, zeal, and willingness to pull no punches is going to inspire and empower you to DO THE WORK in your own life!

Meet this episode’s expert

Bianca Juarez Olthoff understands the power of words and is known to wield them wisely to help people navigate life, live significantly, and connect in community. As both a pastor and author who has been in ministry for more than 20 years, she inspires people to live with passion. Her leadership at The Father’s House Orange County has allowed her church to reach people all over the world. As the founder and president of the nonprofit In The Name of Love, she is committed to serving the incarcerated and equipping them to discover freedom despite their surroundings. Olthoff describes herself as a passionate, Jesus-loving, Bible-teaching, book-writing MexiRican. Experience her energy in her best-selling book, Play with Fire and her most recent book, How to Have Your Life Not Suck: Becoming Today Who You Want to Be Tomorrow, which explores how to win at work and navigate through life’s many decisions.

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Mentioned in this episode

Coupleship Program

The Coupleship Program is a 5 1/2 day program that helps couples learn essential skills for creating or maintaining a healthy relationship. Couples leave with the essential tools for change.


  • Learn essential relationship skills
  • Be aware of individual responsibilities in the relationship
  • Clarify relationship issues and choices.
  • Learn to model healthy relationships
  • Develop and practice communication skills
  • Renew trust
  • Learn to manage conflict
  • Increase intimacy


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