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Episode 025: “Living Centered and Embracing Our True Selves”

Featuring Jedidiah Jenkins

This week on the Living Centered Podcast, Miles and Mickenzie sat down for a thoughtful conversation with NYT Best-Selling author, entrepreneur, storyteller, and friend of Onsite—Jedidiah Jenkins. Jed lives an authentic, creative, and connected life that inspires many through his writing, his social media, and his exciting real-life adventures (like biking +7,000 miles to Patagonia). Throughout the episode, Jed shares about his journey of leaning into vulnerability, embracing his true self, and exploring what it means to fully show up to his life.

Meet this episode’s expert

I am a writer, and I’m working on a book that I believe needs to be written. It’s an autobiographical novel about a 10,000 mile bicycle trip I took from Oregon to Patagonia. There are a lot of things I wish I could have read when I was in my early twenties. So I’m writing this book for my younger self. Maybe I’m writing it to you as well.  

I’m also the Executive Editor for  Wilderness Magazine. I do a lot of writing on Instagram. I like its limits and also its flow. It’s a place where I process my thoughts as I work on my book. If you want a lil’ dose every day, follow me there.

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Jedidiah Jenkins
Jedidiah Jenkins is the Executive Editor of Wilderness Magazine