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Episode 022: “Living Centered and Becoming Better Grown-Ups”

Featuring Brad Montague

What can spending time with the kids in our life teach us about being a grown-up? According to today’s guest, Author and Illustrator, Brad Montague, a whole lot! Join us for a conversation about changing the world simply by choosing to see it through the eyes of kids (or as the kid we used to be!)

Meet this episode’s expert

Brad Montague is a writer and director on a mission to create meaningful things for kids and former kids. He is the creator of the hit web series “Kid President” and the author of the New York Times bestseller Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome and Becoming Better Grownups. He is a popular storyteller both online and in real life, with stories of birds, balloons, and floating people that have captured the imaginations of classrooms, boardrooms, and households throughout the world. As an illustrator, his work is regularly featured in Joanna Gaines’ The Magnolia Journal. He lives and works in Tennessee.

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Brad Montague
Becoming Better Grownups by Brad Montague