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Episode 100: “Living Centered and Embracing a Life of Courage, Creativity, and Radical Imagination”

Featuring Blaine Hogan

Many of us have had rock bottom moments, but it’s what we do next that defines the life we end up living. Today, Lindsey and Mickenzie sit down with Blaine Hogan, writer and film and creative director, and author of the new book “Exit the Cave” Embracing a Life Courage, Creativity and Radical Imagination.” to talk about what he did when his life fell apart from years of addiction and painful cycles that kept him stuck. They explore how Blaine rebuilt his life to find more freedom, purpose, and creativity than he ever imagined possible.  Blaine’s new book Exit the Cave: Embracing a Life Courage, Creativity and Radical Imagination is on sale now!

Meet this episode’s expert

Blaine Hogan is a writer, film and creative director. Formerly the creative director for Willow Creek Community Church, Hogan is currently a full-time filmmaker who directs celebrities from LeBron James to Carrie Underwood. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Margaret, and their three daughters. He holds a master’s degree in theology and culture from the Seattle School for Theology and Psychology and has appeared in many stage productions and television shows.

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Exit the Cave
Blaine Hogan

Sometimes the greatest gift you can receive is for your life to fall apart. After years stuck in a painful cycle fueled by past abuse and ongoing addiction, actor, artist, and director Blaine Hogan finally hit rock bottom. No longer able to hide behind the veneer of success or find comfort in the shadows of compulsion, Blaine was forced to look at the story his life was telling and realize he’d lost the plot.

If you’ve ever been stuck, addicted, ashamed, discontented, or lost, take courage–a richer, more imaginative, and meaningful life is waiting for you just outside the cave.


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Blaine Hogan
Exit The Cave by Blaine Hogan