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Episode 084: “Living Centered as Connected Leaders and Humans”

Featuring Karen Hardwick

Who is the best leader you’ve ever met? Likely it was a person skilled in the art of connection. This week’s guest, Karen Hardwick, a psychotherapist turned leadership consultant, sat down with Mickenzie and Lindsey for an authentic conversation about whole-heartedly leading in every area of our lives. Together they explore the path to become our best selves as parents, spouses and leaders at work, and how getting it wrong can cost us. (Hint, we can’t connect with anyone else until we connect with ourselves!!)

Meet this episode’s expert

Karen Hardwick is a psychotherapist turned leadership consultant with a Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. Her unique approach blends modern psychology, spirituality, and leadership principles and has been the catalyst for transforming the lives of countless Fortune 1000 leaders at work and home. Her book, The Connected Leader, shows people how to use the Seven Strategies of Connection to become their best selves as parents, spouses, and leaders at work. 

No stranger to life’s messiness, Karen knows firsthand from her personal journey and leaders she’s coached that Connection is what we crave. Connection heals our wounds, awakens our souls, and ushers us into our most authentic, courageous, and empowered selves.

Mentioned in this episode

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