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Episode 081: “Living Centered As An Adult Child”

Featuring Andrea Ashley

This week Lindsey and Mickenzie sit with the host and producer of the Adult Child, a weekly podcast about the impact of growing up in a dysfunctional family. Through humor and transparency, Andrea shares how after nine years of sobriety, she realized that her next level of healing would require her to take a long look at the impact her earliest years had on her and her relationships. Andrea now helps other people explore the impact of being an Adult Child.

Meet this episode’s expert

Andrea Ashley is the host & producer of Adult Child, a weekly podcast about the impact of growing up in a dysfunctional family. Andrea grew up in an alcoholic home and was the only child of an alcoholic mom and alcoholic dad. She turned to drugs and alcohol at 12 and became the focus of the family for the next seven years. She got sent to rehab for the first time in eighth grade. For seven years, she was in and out of rehabs and boarding schools. At 19, Andrea found sobriety and celebrated 13 years this past September. But that was only the beginning of yet another journey through a deeper recovery of healing her adult child. At nine years sober (and nine years of toxic romantic relationships), she hit an emotional bottom that allowed her to come to terms with the true impact of her childhood and that she was an adult child. She spent the subsequent years diligently working on resolving the unresolved pain of her childhood – and the transformation has been profound and led her to launch Adult Child in March’21.

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