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Episode 070: “Living Centered and Making Sense of the Last Two Years”

Featuring Austin Houghtaling, PhD, LMFT

Today on the Living Centered Podcast, Lindsey and Mickenzie sit down with Onsite’s Vice President of Clinical Services, Austin Houghtaling, to explore the mental and emotional impact of the last two years on many of us as parents, partners, friends, and individuals. Austin shares both the global trends he sees as a mental health professional and how he is navigating those challenges in his own life.

Meet this episode’s expert

As the Vice President of Clinical Services, Austin is responsible for the oversight and leadership of Onsite’s clinical teams.

Austin has worked in the trauma and addiction field for the last 15 years. Prior to coming to Onsite, he was Senior Clinical Director at Caron Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania for several years.

Austin completed his Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Tech University with an emphasis in addiction treatment and systemic trauma and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Austin has extensive experience working with healthcare professionals, entertainers, executives, and attorneys in intensive experiential therapy and personal growth programs focusing on emotional intelligence and relational improvement for individuals, couples, and families. Austin has been a frequent presenter for audiences nationally.

Mentioned in this episode

Online Intensives

Utilizing our 40+ years of time-tested proven techniques and adapting them so they can assist you where you are, today, we now offer 3-day Online Intensives. Through this digital platform, we work to provide a safe container for healing and hope through an extended vulnerable space and posture not always afforded in a one on one weekly therapeutic session. 

Offered for individuals, couples or families, you will walk away with a clearer understanding of where you are, how you got here, and how to get where you want to be. We have curated the finest helping professionals from around the world and will match you with a guide that is armed with the tools you need to do a deep dive into your unique work. Your guide will utilize a variety of experiential tools and techniques and curate an experience that supports you in the comfort of your own environment. 


  • You desire a deep dive into a past experience
  • Your life and schedule do not allow for an in-person experience
  • You want focused time to work with a therapist on patterns that are holding you back
  • You need time and safety to explore a deeper understanding of yourself
  • You have already experienced the power of the group process and have specific “work” you’d like to follow-up on

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