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Episode 069: “Living Centered in What’s Here Now”

Featuring Jeanne Stevens

This week on the Living Centered Podcast we’re talking all about living in the present, and what the last two years have taught us about ourselves, our relationships, and our ability to right where we are. Lindsey and Mickenzie got to sit down with Jeanne Stevens, founding and co-lead pastor of Soul City Church in Chicago and author of the new book What’s Here Now? and talk all about how practicing presence has the potential to unlock the peace so many of us desperately desire.

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Meet this episode’s expert

Jeanne Stevens is the founding and co-lead pastor of Soul City Church in Chicago, one of America’s fastest growing urban churches. Prior to starting Soul City Church, Stevens was on the pastoral staff at Willow Creek Community Church and North Point Community Church. A sought-after speaker, leader, and writer, Jeanne’s passion is to help people wake up to their purpose as they pursue a life of wholehearted freedom.  

She lives in Chicago with her husband, Jarrett, and their two children.

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What’s Here Now

Jeanne Stevens



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