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Episode 030: “Living Centered and Creating Impact”

Featuring Allison Trowbridge

How do you make sense of the twists and turns of life when they don’t seem to add up? Founder and CEO of Copper, Allison Trowbridge, knows a thing or two about leaning into (and finding meaning in) the different seasons of our life. She firmly believes that every new chapter leads us to exactly where we’re supposed to be! 

In this interview with Miles and Lindsey, Allison shares how her past work in the anti-trafficking movement, experience as an author, and time spent at Oxford Said Business School led her to disrupt the publishing world and start a new kind of social platform! Allison’s journey, both personally and professionally, is nothing short of inspiring! Join us for a conversation about innovation, leadership, self-exploration, and coming back from the brink of burnout.

Meet this episode’s expert

Allison Trowbridge is the founder and CEO of Copper, a disruptive social platform that connects book enthusiasts and readers directly with authors. As the publishing landscape continues to lean into book clubs and social media as the cornerstone of a book launch marketing campaign, Copper streamlines the process, offering a unique subscription-based model for authors and a community of like-minded individuals who want to engage with the authors they love and other voracious readers. Offering features like a customized bookshelf, discussion guides, audio hosting, and more, Copper takes the reading experience to a new level.  

Allison is also the host of the impact podcast, “Real Good Company” with Caitlin Crosby, founder and CEO of The Giving Keys, where the two discuss and interview luminaries doing great things.  

An accomplished author in her own right, Allison published her book, “Twenty-Two: Letters to a Young Woman Searching for Meaning,” in 2017 with HarperCollins while completing her MBA at Oxford’s Said Business School.  

Prior to her work in the publishing industry, Allison worked within the global anti-slavery movement, leading marketing, fundraising, and international campaigns.

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