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BONUS Episode: “Living Centered In Our Grief”

Featuring Cindy Westcott

Today we’re releasing a special bonus episode of The Living Centered Podcast with a sneak peek directly from a brand-new digital offering from Onsite, The Ways We Grieve: Understanding the Emotional and Biological Process that Binds Us All, taught by Onsite Clinician and therapist, Cindy Westcott.  

Throughout this episode, Cindy shares the importance of “feeling our feelings” and honoring the array of emotions that accompany grief—including our sadness.  Many of us have the tendency to minimize our hurts and therefore don’t allow ourselves the permission to fully grieve them—we’re afraid of what will happen if we let ourselves feel our grief.  Today’s episode will invite you to explore how giving ourselves the understanding and space to move through our grief will lead us to find peace, love, and wisdom on the other side of it.

Meet this episode’s expert

Cindy Westcott currently serves as the Senior Clinical Advisor of Onsite. With over 30 years as a licensed clinical social worker, Cindy specializes in treatment for grief, stress, and trauma. Her experience includes more than 22 years in private practice as the founder of the Psychological Trauma and Wellness Center of Memphis. Additionally, she has developed and facilitated specialty programs for the treatment of complicated grief and PTSD.  

Throughout the class, Cindy uses her wealth of experience to guide us through the predictable emotional and biological patterns that emerge through the process of grief and teaches us how these patterns show up from the overwhelming losses to our smaller bumps and bruises and everything in between.

Mentioned in this episode

About this Class:  

The Ways We Grieve will help normalize your experience with grief, give you insight as to how we grieve, and invite you into a place of hope, peace, and wisdom.

The Ways We Grieve is a digital emotional health class brought to you by Onsite that will help you understand the personal and universal process of grief. This 7-part video series, led by Cindy Westcott, will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to navigate the complexities of grief and begin to heal. 

This accessible digital class includes over 80+ minutes of clinical expertise and an interactive workbook designed to ground, unpack, and apply the concepts to your everyday life. 

This class will equip you with: 

  • A graceful and normalizing view of grief  
  • Practical ways to walk through grief 
  • A deeper understanding of the biological process behind your grief 
  • Tools to help you experience healthy community within grief 

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