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Redefining Conflict

How to fight for our relationships, not against them

Does the thought of conflict make your skin crawl?

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we’ve all experienced conflict, and at some point, conflict gone wrong. We’ve witnessed explosive fights. We’ve stormed off. People we love have said something hurtful to us and we’ve said things we regret in return. So, we tell ourselves it’s better to shut down and avoid conflict than let ourselves go through something like that again. Right? Navigating conflict—especially with those we care deeply about—is complex and imperfect. But we don’t have to avoid it.

The truth is that conflict—the very thing we think will lead to pain and rejection—is a pathway to greater intimacy and connection. So why do we still want to hide when conflict arises? Many of us still struggle to embrace and approach conflict in healthy, productive ways.

We hope this discussion will help you see conflict from a new lens and give you practical tools to navigate it with empathy, understanding, and connection.