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Your Next Best Yes

Creating a sustainable plan for growth and healing

Do you ever feel like your emotional health journey is a cyclical pattern of starts and stops?

In some seasons, you’re all in, invested in your healing and in a rhythm of growth. In other seasons, you’re overwhelmed by the options (or lack thereof) and put it off for some time in the future when you have more time, resources, or clarity.

The truth is, there is no right way to heal. There are an infinite number of resources, choices, and actions we can take to care for our mental and emotional health. But when we’re constantly presented with all these options, it can be challenging to determine the “next right step.”

When we can’t see our next right step, we can find ourselves in that familiar (and somewhat exhausting) start/stop place. How do we keep moving, avoid the whiplash, and actually sustain our healing?

Sustainable change is possible, but it requires us to be clear about what we want, who we want in our corner, and the steps that will get us there.

Join us for a free 50-minute webinar exploring how to determine your next best “yes.” Hosted by Vice President of Clinical Services at Milestones, Christopher O’Reilly, and Clinical Director of Onsite Wellness House, Hannah Phillips, this conversation will leave you with practical tools to create a sustainable path for growth and healing.