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A Safe Place to Land

Annie’s Story

“The best way I could say it, is that (Milestones) was a safe space to land. I’m 34, and I had probably gone 34 years of life never really feeling safe anywhere.

If you’re considering Milestones, just take the step—allow yourself to be open to the process. Look for the reasons it may be right, not for the reasons it may be wrong. Had I not had the willingness to go, I don’t know that I’d be here to tell the story.”

Hear from Milestones Alum, Annie, about her life-changing experience within the Milestones community.

Find the care you deserve at Milestones.

Milestones is a comprehensive and bespoke residential therapy experience that focuses on healing what hurts and finding a new way forward. When you’re ready to address the trauma, anxiety, codependency, and PTSD that’s weighing you down—we’re here for you.